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    By ella_k07
    holy! they sound so perfect together their voices complement each other and such a magical way.
  • Holy crap

    By iffkgdjfi
    Amazing i❤️u OLIVIA
  • Holy shoot

    By layup9999
    This is an incredible song! Always makes me feel better when I’m sad. Olivia and Joshua are so cute together!
  • Perfecttttt

    By Shaught11
    This song is absolutely amazing!
  • Amazing!

    By smol beanz09
    I haven’t even bought the song yet but all I can say is.... THIS SONG IS FIRE!!!! Josh and Liv’s voices complement each other’s so well and it truly is like heaven, they’re probably the best singing duo ever Kuddos to them on their awesome success!
  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    By amandax345
    So cute!!
  • Keep them coming

    By Kendo_R
    Olivia is great & Joshua is amazing!! I'm surprised to see a world that talks about being kind to another and about a show that shows diversity and unity, and then see "fans" hating or comparing success. Have you learned nothing? First, grow up, and second each one of them are successful! If some of them have more than the other that doesnt mean the other half arent successful, they are. Let me see you out there booking gigs and landing HSM. Keep these songs and seasons coming. I hope no one leaves the show yet due to all this negativity. Were all in this together! And for those leaving negative reviews towards anyone for personal reasons, that shows how you truly are inside. Be happy and kind to one another.