Build a Bridge - Audra McDonald

Build a Bridge

Audra McDonald

  • Genre: Vocal
  • Release Date: 2006-09-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2006 Nonesuch Records, Inc.


Title Artist Time
God Give Me Strength Audra McDonald 4:57 USD 0.99
My Stupid Mouth Audra McDonald 3:50 USD 0.99
Build a Bridge Audra McDonald 2:51 USD 0.99
Cradle and All Audra McDonald 5:33 USD 0.99
I Wanna Get Married Audra McDonald 4:02 USD 0.99
Dividing Day Audra McDonald 4:19 USD 0.99
My Heart Audra McDonald 3:16 USD 0.99
Damned Ladies Audra McDonald 3:31 USD 0.99
Wonderful You Audra McDonald 2:43 USD 0.99
To a Child Audra McDonald 3:42 USD 0.99
Bein' Green Audra McDonald 3:05 USD 0.99
Tom Cat Goodbye Audra McDonald 4:42 USD 0.99
I Think It's Going to Rain Tod Audra McDonald 3:08 USD 1.29


  • She's so FIERCE!

    By ARiv
    This CD is a collection of some of the most beautiful songs ever, Audra's voice is truly angelic.... She's an angel who was sent down from heaven to share with us this wonderful gift of hers. She is truely amazing!
  • My Idol

    By Fasola
    Audra McDonald is my idol. She is who I look up to as a singer. Her voice is so soothing. Her words are so clear. This album is a great album. I have never been so in love with a album like I was with this one. I think this is one of Audra's highlight albums. I guess it's one of those albums that make you melt. the best songs are the songs that tell a story. Every song on this album tells a story. I love her dynamics. There are so many great songs written by talented people, including Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello.This album is different from her broadway works, yet it's just as good! Enjoy! :)
  • Amazing

    By Boyishbass82
    This album is a tribute to the versatility of Audra. I can't think of a song on this album that I didn't feel moved by. The Mayer cover was extremely wonderful. She didn't know who Mayer was before she read the lyrics to Stupid Mouth. If there's one thing Mayer is...he's an amazing lyricist (and in my mind, guitarist and emotional singer). I loved the collaboration.
  • The only vocalist I listen to...

    By Gloworm77
    Ms. McDonald can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and tear up the song like it's nobody's business! She sounds great in all sorts of genres, however, the song choices for this album were not my favorite. Ms. McDonald's voice is the first and only voice I finally could connect with. I have felt honored to play Sarah in Ragtime. In conclusion, Ms. McDonald looks great, sounds great, and her voice has been an inspiration and blessing to me. I will buy any album she is singing on.
  • Amazing Performer; Poor Song Choice

    Audra McDonald indeed should be considered one of the most talented vocal artists to arise in the last ten years and will always be a favorite on my playlist. But while the versatility and range of her voice and talent are robust, she fell short executing several of the pop songs on this latest album. I will anxiously look forward to future work from this gifted artist that appropriately displays her passion and raw vocal talent. (and honestly, who approved the John Mayer cover?)
  • Build a Bridge - the BEST!

    By OldMicetro
    Again, her song choices are brilliant! It seems like Audra McDonald can sing anything and make it real, make it gorgeous - her voice goes from simple and eloquent to soaring and inspirational! Just like with her first CD, she will not only make you a fan of her talent, but you will become a fan of the composers and songs she brings together on the CD.
  • extraordinary.

    By geo81
    Audra McDonald continues to prove the value of melody and lyrics. She actually sings the songs instead of just running through the motions in some sort of contrived effort to prove her ability. She effortlessly lets every song fly with its own story, character and emotion. In the process, her extraordinary vocal instrument stands so far above the over extended voices we hear on a daily basis. I think Audra McDonald should be required listening. She conitnues to explore, grow and challenge her audience. It's a wonderful journey.
  • Audra was extraordinary in high school too...

    By missus d
    I went to high school with Audra at Roosevelt in Fresno---and all I can say is that we were blessed with her voice at every assembly, school play and auxilary performance. Now that she's a 4-time Tony award winner I think back on how lucky I was to hear her for free--and to be a part of the audience she honed her early skills on. You just knew in your bones---that were electrified every time she shared her gift--that she was going to make it big. Audra---from a fellow RPAM-ie---WE ARE SO PROUD !!!!
  • But who approved the JM track?

    By soy jeff
    While I appreciate both John Mayer and Audra McDonald, I believe there's a reason they haven't collaborated yet, and for the health of both their careers, shouldn't. Audra can certainly cross genres, but more towards the legit end, not towards pop. It always makes me cringe to hear a musical theatre or legit artist try to do pop because it's always awkward and their diction is too clear for comfort. There's a reason John Mayer ain't doin' Don Giovanni anytime soon too, lemme tell ya.
  • Audra does it again...

    By Danielf70
    There are few artists who just can't miss and Audra is among them. Her voice is so honest and pure. She makes even the most complex arrangement seem effortless. I especially love "My Stupid Mouth", "I Wanna Get Married", and the sad, simple, lovely "Bein' Green". When I saw that she had put that on the album, my first thought was "Kermit's song??", but Audra's interpretation is heartbreakingly beautiful. Buy this now!

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