Hypno-Birthing #1 - Hypnosis to Reduce the Pain of Childbirth, Help With Natural Childbirth - Journeys Inward Hypnotherapy & Mariah Shipp

Hypno-Birthing #1 - Hypnosis to Reduce the Pain of Childbirth, Help With Natural Childbirth

Journeys Inward Hypnotherapy & Mariah Shipp

  • Genre: Vocal
  • Release Date: 2011-08-07
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  • Country: USA
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Hypno-Birthing #1 - Hypnosis t Journeys Inward Hypnotherapy & Mariah Shipp 52:48 USD Album Only


  • Feel in control of your labor and delivery!

    By blipe27
    I downloaded a few scripts, but this one was my favorite. It was relaxing, empowering, and gave great imagery to help overcome pain. Now, labor still hurt like hell! But I had a very quick 5 hour, medication-free active labor and I credit my confidence and control to this recording. Highly recommend!
  • Lovely environment for labor and birth

    By Erica1234Mana
    Using the Hypnobrithing 1 CD during my last labor helped get me through a very intense 7 hours of pitocin contractions. It made for a much more peaceful and calm environment in the delivery room and helped remind me of the relaxation I'd been practicing using the CD for a few months prior to delivery.
  • very helpful and effective

    By saracarly
    I have been using this recording for the past few weeks to prepare for a natural birth. I really enjoy Mariah’s voice, the background music and the visualizations she provides. I’m able to go deep into a meditation and believe it will help me stay calm during labor.
  • I loved all of Journeys Inward hypno-birthing recordings!!!

    By Jeri-Jet
    I loved this recording so much that I went on to buy all of Journeys Inward’s hypnobirthing recordings. Each one helped with different issues that I would face during the birth of my baby. #1 was beautiful the way it taught me to empower myself during the contractions, the wave visualization was magic for me! On #2 I loved the “Inner Sanctuary” and the numbing of my mid-section. #3 helped me to learn about how when mothers are not filled with fear, the body creates its own relaxant, called endorphins and how that helps with pain relief. #9 “Birth Partner” really helped my husband prepare and feel confident that he could be a great coach and he was! Really great! I used #5 during the actual birth. The breathing and all the beautiful affirmations kept me calm and centered throughout! I am so grateful for these recordings and how they helped me have the most perfect birth!!! Thank you Journeys Inward! I would recommend this program for everyone to enjoy during their whole 9 months of pregnancy! Jeri-Mom
  • Amazing

    By Live Called Well
    I started this hypnotherapy two weeks before my due date with my first child. I was terrified about labor because of all the horror stories people told me. I am also a very anxious person so it's hard for me to relax. This tape put me right into hypnosis. My labor ending up neon 12 hours, only 6 of what I consider hard labor. I had an all natural birth & dialated from a 5-10 in one hour. A lot of this I credit to the relaxation techniques that programmed into my brain from hypnotherapy!
  • My favorite yet!

    By StaceyHorn
    I wish I'd had this when I had my daughter, I used another recording but like this one so much better!! I absolutedly Love Mariah's voice and the wonderful journey it took me on. As a Hypnotist, I listen to many recordings in order to recommend them to my clients, and I have begun recommending her recordings, on my website as well. When something wonderful like this comes around, I tell everyone about it! If you're having a baby, this is a Must purchase!
  • Worth a extra couple bucks.

    By arcotter
    I loved this recording, it made me feel incredibly relaxed and calm. The womens beautiful voice is angelic. After listening to this every night for the past week I actually feel more prepared for the birth of my baby. The content and effects are really creative and unique. I am really looking forward to using this during my labor. Im planning on doing this drug free with the help of other two I bought. Thanks I'll let you know how it goes :)