Suga Mama


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:30

Music Video


  • More AALIYAH Needed!!!

    Beyonce is a nice artist, but before there was beyonce there was AALIYAH, SO PLEASE EVERYONE WRITE LETERS TO ITUNES ASKING FOR MORE AALIYAH BECAUSE UNLIKE BEYONCE HAVING DOZENS OF VIDEOS HERE ON ITUNES, their are Only 2 AALIYAH videos on iTunes!! Well thanks for the help...!!!!! You all rock!!!!
  • Great

    By djh2
    Beyonce is an outstanding artist and always keeps her performances high energy this video is a good example

    By Deb1**
    I love this song! I can't pick a favorite on the B'Day Cd cuz they're all hot. I can listen to the whole CD and let it play. You can't say that and truly mean it about any other cd out there right now. That's sick ma' keep it up!! love you!!!
  • hot

    By audioslave1
    her aggressive yelling at the end of the song remided me of a recent traumatizing gorrilla-monkey contact. besides that the video's director has great talent and beyonce is sexy and hot, for those that can handle it
  • Good song

    By one_alone
    But the video didn't really go with the song. Someone on youtube made a better one. It should have been in color! B&w is for Flaws and All! But still a very good song.
  • Sit On Mama Lap!! (Now Give Mama Some Suga)

    By Lil LeLee ''06''
    HeyWuzUp!! Beyonce is outstanding in Suga Mama from pole dancing, to bull riding. Beyonce had never ridden a mechanical bull before so the laughing was non-stop.Beyonce, also tried to do stunt's on the bull, so for that the crew on the set would speed the bull up to make it go faster so she would fall. The bull scenes where shot at 12 frames a second. Suga Mama is on point I know people will agree. The Don Diva is very clear in the video, and her pole dancing is very tasteful so check on it. Thank's 4 Reading!!
  • wow

    By blackkhannah
    Beyonce has really hit it this time!!!!!!!
  • She's set the bar

    By dave4four
    If Beyonce can do it, than I want to see The White Stripes "I just don't know what to do with myself" video on iTunes as well.
  • wow

    By booomboxxx
    great video
  • Great!!!

    By lt jones3
    B'Day is my favorite record of all time!! I can actually listen to the whole thing without skipping any tracks!

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