Break My Fall


  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2007-08-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:32

Music Video


  • the best

    By erickpino
    TIESTO IS EXELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DJ Tiësto The Number One DJ in the World!!!!!!

    By DarkSideInk
    I love this video. ^_^ Especially the version of this video. For those of you who don't know the variaties of remixes that Tiësto has for this song check out Tiësto- Break My Fall EP Album. Buy it in iTunes store. The video version of this song is called, "Break My Fall (Radio Edit)". But having the video is a lot better, because you can see the music before you very eyes. LOL
  • True that CDSanDiego!

    By charlesm
    True that CDSanDiego! Spoken like a truly enlightened individual.
  • Great Song, great video.

    By MrGingerson
    You should totally buy this.

    By the LPZ
    That beautiful girl in the video is my sweet homegirl, Ashley! Way to go, hot mama! You definitely rule this video!! :)
  • d

    By gweggy84
  • A 2-second kiss by two women? Heavens! Buy NOW! LOL

    By CDSanDiego
    Someone23 has a problem with a potential two-second clip of two women kissing? And on that basis it should be boycotted? Heavens! Call the Morality Police posthaste. If women are kissing in a dance video, I submit that a major crime against humanity is committed. LOL Personally, I think the video is excellent. And for my part, I'd rather see two girls -- or heck, even two guys -- kissing than doing any number of other mean-spirited things to each other. While commenting on what is right or not right is, uh, one's right, I have the right to submit that Someone23 makes evident that some parts of the good 'ol US of A are still mired in our puritan yesteryear. Sigh. Just buy the video. It's good.
  • May Dance Live forever

    By Someone23
    Tiesto is the one of the greatest dance artists and DJ that ever lived! Your always prettys safe w/all his dance music. he is excellent and knows what he's doing!! The music is pretty safe BUT in this vid. there is a two sec. clip of WHAT LOOKS LIKE two girls kissing.Therefore this particular vid. needs to be boycot ed IF THE GIRLS KISSING IS THE CASE if not it's a great vid.!!!Just as a warning!! Go Tiesto!! Go Tiesto!!
  • AWSOME!!!!

    By *djspin*
    It's Tiesto, do I really need to say more? Any of hos videos are must haves. *dj Spin*

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