Michael Jackson

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1983-12-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 13:33

Music Video


  • Awesome

    By MiaTheEmojiGirl
    Thriller! #MJForever
  • THIS......IS........THRILLER

    By Music Phanactical
    in general the plot of this makes no sense, but it's a great horror comedy with some cliche horror themes in a great fun way, and a cool dance 2 go with it. Great music movie/video.
  • still love this video !

    By keisha73
    I love all micheals music and will keep listening may he R.I.P. The allegations i never believed black or white his music stays the same its all about the person inside love you micheal.
  • Micheal=AMAZING!!!!

    By Ronstopable...
    There's sooo much I could say...bout Micheal Joseph Jackson...I believe he really is the most misunderstood person...on the planet...he changed my life n how I c the world...4 the people who dnt knw...he was the 1st African American...2 appear on MTV...he broke soooo many barriers dwn...there r soooo many people...who have him 2 thk...they knw who they r...if it weren't 4 would not b were it's at...right now...I was fortunite 2 have seen the LEGEND in concert 5 times...n I must say, he was AMAZING!!!...but...anyways enuff of my hero worship...M.J. Is truly one of a kind...n to all the HATERS!!!!...the only thg M.J. Is guilty of is...CARING!!!!...he loved the wrld more than anyone else...R.I.P M.J....maybe now they'll LEAVE U ALONE!!! the's amazing...nuff said!!!
  • Music is music nothing else

    By iEsme
    People get a brain and stop talking about all the alligations put on Michael Jackson. You do not know anything of what really happened. Just remember you are innocent until proven guilty. These reviews are only for his entire music career nothing else so if you like Michael that's cool if not don't search for his music at all it's that simple. This video is amazing! When I was little the zombies and werecat scared me so bad! I know now that they weren't real and now a days there is much scarier stuff in the movies but this is the original fright night to me!
  • Simply An Instant Classic

    By SJKim
    I bought this video a few days after Michael's passing. I showed the video to my 10-yo son who knows little about Michael Jackson, but he wanted to have the video on his MP3/Video player. I bet that our great grandchildren will be watching this video a hundred years from now just listening to music by Beethoven, Bach etc.
  • Gone Too Soon

    By Francine Marie
    Loved Michael then and love him now. The Thriller video will be played for generations to come and he will forever be remembered for the musical gifts he gave the world. He was a gentle being, the kind the world needs more of, and he will be greatly missed.
  • love it, buy it, watch it!!!! (:

    By DJpat97
    one of the best music videos in history. If you like michael when hes dancing, then this is a video for u! I would give it a six star but theres only a five star limit LOL! Peace out!
  • He's My Thriller

    By patvencool
    Excellent! All the way Michael. Long live the King of Pop and his legendary music. A must have video.
  • Awsome dancing barley scary

    By spongebob fan 247
    This is michael jacksons best video ever no doubt the only scary part is when he says get away and when he has fully evoloved and is facing her

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