Blood On the Dance Floor

Michael Jackson

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2004-09-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:27

Music Video


  • Bloody on the dance floor

    By Kara04
    Great song .love it love u mike . Can't find this cd anywere
  • Blood on the dance floor

    By Wattsene
    I love you Mike....Awesome!!!!!
  • it's not my fave

    By bball.musicluvr25
    mj is my favorite hands down, but idk this video isn't right for him
  • Excellent

    By johnny depp forever<3
    i love michael, this video shows his sensuality and also his respect for women in a way. i feel he was what every man should look up to. he was a humble, exceelent, beautiful man. and my love for him is uncondtitnal. Michael r.i.p ill love you forever
  • Natytimes

    By Esther J.
    I love this video...I had never seen Michael dance to what seems like Salsa....I love it! It shows that the King Of Pop can truly do anything,....I love Everything you do Michael...and I know I'm not the only one....S.D. Loves you Michael. 4 Ever n Ever ! ! ! !
  • Love it!!!

    By MeTea
    I loved this video and was sorry I only discovered it after his passing. iTunes please put up the "In the Closet" video for downloading.
  • Blood on the Dance Floor

    By prechie
    This is truly a treat to any Michael Jackson Fan. This is unlike any other video I've ever seen. I love that he dances with the girl. I bit jealous of course but a treat to be able to see him dance with a partner. Fantastic and Sexy!!!!!! I love the way he moves in this video and how he leads the girl. Love you and Miss you Mihael!!!!!!!
  • Go Boy!

    By Sweetroll
    Definetly not a typical MJ video...but it's still jammin'!!!
  • Hot!

    By CFSunshine
    This video is hot! It's a different look than others, it's sexy and he looked good in red. He was so talented. He will be missed.
  • Not Classic Michael, but it's great

    By Barb007
    This is not what I am used to seeing when I think of MJ, but he was a pioneer and this is certainly new for him. I like the edge, the rich colors and the totally different direction of this piece. Very cool! Oh yeah I-Tunes, any chance you can get my all time favorite MJ video - In The Closet?

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