Michael Jackson

  • Genre: Music Videos
  • Release Date: 2003-11-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:19

Music Video


  • Feel like something missing

    By Stinky Farts99
    I like in all but I think it’s not the whole thing. 🤔
  • Maeve .

    By ajj11111
    I love Michael Jackson so much😍😍🥰
  • Stop touching your crotch Michael

    By Gerbils4cats
    Nothing much else to say other than good music video
  • So gud

    By 24hdfsyeet
    I love it
  • Good job Micheal

    By greennails
    Bad was the best video I ever saw by Micheal Jackson.
  • who picks

    By redbird # two
    iTunes you guys are getting pretty lame ,are u the select the favorite video committee ? I type in an artist & u don't have it, not everyone is a beyonce fan. Whats with raising your music prices?what, your not rich enough? Your not the only Coca-Cola in the desert !! Can't find a lot of stuff no matter what I type in. Anyway it's hard to find good heip.
  • Bad Alright

    By 2 Your Highness
    In the orginal video, MJ is bullied and then he change clothes in from of the bullies before he starts singing. This copy of the video is incomplete.
  • The Michael Jackson "Bad" video

    By Black Angel58
    Is the video the complete one if we buy it, or are the other customer reviews talking about what they received once they paid for it? Do I get a complete video or only a partial one? I would gladly pay for the videos if they are available in full version. I don't mind paying his family what they want to earn for his children. Their Dad was a genius, and his legacy is their birthright, even if I pay the price of an album for one video!
  • Just a raper bro

    By magicbeans12
    He snuggles kids people well he did
  • Machal jackson

    By Gutrahdu
    I love this video

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