Stupid Girls


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2006-01-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:31

Music Video


  • Funny

    By Avril fan4eva
    Some girls are like that but p!nk the queen isn't a stupid girl she is a queen queens aren't stupid👑
  • Dead On Right

    By 911 Trevor
    God made girls beautiful! The media tells them to change everything about themselves to be perfect. Wrong..she is showing how stupid it is to change yourself! Leave that hair color the same, leave those eyebrows alone you are just fine the way you are! Love this video!!! I am guy also btw
  • Loved it!!❤

    By I dont care i love it
    I loved it and so funny!!!!
  • P!nk

    By sjdlmt
    This video is so great! Showing the truth to girls just how stupid it look to do what society/men want from a woman! A woman is intelligent. Society tries to make women look stupid. Thank you P!nk for being a roll model showing girls to not fall for lies of how they should look or act like, but to have an ambition and class! lol
  • Meaningful

    By Kathryn 🎀
    It has meaning and is funny ;)
  • Funny Video, Great Song

    By MostMusicisGoodMusic
    Great song, (very explicit for parents of young kids though, beware!) and great video. I think it's hilarious to make fun of stupidity in today's society. She hits the nail perfectly! Girls do stupid things (guys do to) and they need to realize, acting stupid or doing such dumb things will not make you better, if anything, it makes you less of a person to me. Why pretend to be stupid if you're not. It doesn't impress people. Pink understands this and knows that being a strong, independent, non-stupid girl is what it should be. C'mon ladies, follow her example, say screw it to tanning endlessly! Especially to that tanning mom! Say goodbye to all the makeup, (like while driving!) and say hello to self respect!
  • Love P!nk

    By Kallik-Sandstorm
    ...but the song is a little bit rude, and the video is too much.
  • P!nk: Stupid Girls

    By SheaSheaLuvsYa123
    So true! I don't wanna be a stupid girl either! What happened to the woman like Susan B. Anthony, or Hariette Tubman? Now it's all, "Welcome to spring break on MTV!!! We be gettin mad dope with topless chicks!!! Aha thats some swaggah!" Unbeleivable what we live with today...
  • halaroius

    By Muzikman3785
    this video is so funny!!!
  • So true! XD

    By AbbyTheCrazy
    Gotta say this is a little nuts, for pink even... But I just love it. <3