I Don't Believe You


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009-10-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:36

Music Video


  • An IDOL you are !!!

    By a_decepticon
    Your music PINK has touched me in so many ways, thanks for everything. You are an amazing woman. Chicago loves PINK
  • I feel her pain (Best song & best music video ever!)

    By LesGothic148
    I support P!nk a lot because she's still my favorite singer of the whole time. I Don't Believe You is a beautiful song to listen of awful pain story ever and it's just not that good. Someone needs to be pay back. I don't forget how beautiful P!nk looks with her beautiful white bride dress, she's so beautiful! And I can't wait for the Bad Influence music video because I heard P!nk is making the music video and single hit song Bad Influence. I can't wait until Bad Influence realize the music video ever!! Go P!nk, ur amazing bad@ss singer ever!!
  • Snif

    By qnehqe
    Magical fantastical wonderful
  • P!nk is Awesome

    By MuzcMavn
    P!nk is one of the most consistent and creative artists out today. She doesn't try to conform to anyone's ideals and it shows in her songwriting and videos. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the video although I'd like to have seen it down instead of up.
  • Touching..

    By nobella
    This is such a touching song.. i cried the first time i heard it... i love pink!! amazing
  • ! LOVE !T

    By Jaydeeohkay
    Uh it so sad but its a perfect viedoe i love it soooooooooo much and her
  • Awesome!

    By Mad4Madge
    Funhouse, the new album by P!nk has released a couple of great hits and videos that are absolutely fantastic. I personally like this video because it shows a very vulnerable side of P!nk and yes, there are many videos out there that shows one's vulnerability. But this one draws you into her world, her life of broken promises and wanting to believe on someone but left broken. Two thumbs up!
  • I don

    By shorty/64
    Pink is always awesome. Never disappoints me. I like when I can relate to songs. Never hurts to express are feelings and never hurts to to express our Love. Always makes me want to sing along and Don't be shy.
  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Apple12345678910
    I love this song!!! No, I dont believe you...... P.S.I think I spelled "believe" wrong...
  • Tear :'(

    By Female Lover
    I've loved this song since i first heard it on Funhouse and i was so excited when i heard she made a video for it. It's so sad and it makes me wanna cry. I love Pink and i love this song!!! BUY IT