Glitter In the Air


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2010-02-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:11

Music Video


  • Artist!

    By Victricks
    This performance proves once and for all that Pink is more than a singer, She is more than a performer. She is truly an artist. In this she created a masterpiece. Brava!
  • Gorgeous, hot, amazing

    By SBeeast71
    I wonder how Pink felt as she walked on stage, knowing she is about to lay it on you with an impressive and beautiful performance. A 30-second clip does not show enough, so you must see the whole show as she goes up in the air. By the end it felt like the crowd was blown away, awesome!
  • WOW!!!!

    By Tee Sumner
    This is a beautiful song and an unbelievable performance. I have to admit it brought tears to my eyes at the end!!! Not sure who can top this performance at the Grammys.
  • One of the greatest performances EVER!

    By JGWells
    So happy to be able to have a copy of this unbelievable performance! When interviewed about the performance, Pink laughed about being able to splash all the celebrities in the really great seats. She also said she purposely took large breaths to show that she wasn't lip-syncing. Best of all, Chris Brown was mad that he got wet!
  • One of, if not, THE BEST!

    By gramsandme
    Truly one of the best...if not the best ever Grammy performance by anyone...this was art.
  • Glitter in the Air by Pink

    By eibbed1467
    This girl so awesome that hurts. She can be one the girls or right down in dirty like a boy but one thing for surent that is has talent. From the proof of this taping at Grammys last year, she has some thing that no one holds a candle to. Rock on. PInk Cannot wait to see another hot performance.
  • Simply Amazing, Simply Pink!

    By Giovanna4512
    This performance put a lot of so called artist to shame.

    By ConorEvan.
    My favorite live performance of all time, P!nk is amazing!
  • I am SPEECHLESS. Wow! That's Entertainment!

    By 4whatwewant
    That will go down as the singularly Greatest Moment in Grammy History! Did you see the audience reaction? - To me, that is what being an Artist is all about - that connection, that moment shared between the artist and the audience. That audience and anyone who watched it or this video knew we shared something special! (If you didn't, what a shame - you really missed out). An AMAZING performance and an AMAZING song! P!nk, you stole my heart girl! You are a true Artist.
  • Brilliant Artist!!!

    By silvermoonglow9
    I watched the Grammy’s and was amazed, she was the show. What an artist, I just had to own this video. Bravo And for those who haven’t reached a maturity level to appreciate other artist and their work, who prefer to focus on one person like Gaga or who ever, I hope one day that you realize this is not what your idol is about. We need artist that strive, push themselves to the limits how ever that may be and bring positive messages to the world. That is an area where they are all together: Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Black Eye Peas, Miley Cyrus, Michel Jackson, P!nk or Madonna…who ever it may be. The hatred you people preach is what their music is against. Food for thought. Blessed Be