F**kin' Perfect (Perfect)


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2011-01-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:59

Music Video


  • I'm sorry😥

    By Sonpunzel
    Review #3 please read. You are a great person. The only reason anyone would want to make you feel bad is because they feel bad themselves. They want you to feel the same way they feel. I'm getting bullied myself because of my favorite band and my brain condition (no details). Just so you know, your not the only one going through this. Many other girls go through the same thing. If there's something going on with your classmates and your dad, talk to a trusted adult such as a teacher, guidance counselor, or even your mom. Or any other trusted adult. Approach someone you don't know and say hi. And get out of it for a while. Go swimming. Watch a good movie. Read a good book (No scary stuff). Listen to great music. Run a bit. Join a club or activity. You'll find people with the same interests. And I'll be praying for you. I don't know you, but if I did, I would LOVE to be your friend. Let go of your BFF. There's another BFF waiting for you. Remember, when it looks like everything's dark, light will take over.
  • 5
    By Popsiclesrfun
    This song and video is amazing
  • You r loved!

    By Whoanellie123
    Hey 11 year old who left the really sad comment, I really want u 2 know I will be praying 4 u every day and that Jesus loves u! Please don't hurt yourself. It would be really upsetting if u did because u r still only a kid and u have ur whole life ahead of u. Just remember that there is light in this darkness! If u read this please post another comment telling me how u r doing:-) JESUS LOVES U 4ever and 4 always<3
  • ..

    By Fjdhcnjd
    i NEED u guys to listen. ok, i need help. u may not cry, but i feel like i have to: first day of school: me and my best friends were cool. few weeks later: my best friend finds a new best friend. i now have no best friend. she doesnt talk to me anymore, or text me. she talks about me behind my back, and ik it because once my class was playing basketball, and she turned to her new best friend and whispered "is she playing?" and looked at me. but thats not it. there's more. i hate it. all of it. i cant take it anymore. my life is just a mess. my dad beat me up last tuesday for no apparent reason. he hit me, kicked me, threw me and cursed at me. idk wats wrong with him. my parents push me and push me to do the things i have to do and i cant get a break. idk wats happening to me, i had a thought of suicide today.. im only 11 years old idk why this has to be like this i want to be free! idk if i should cut or anything. idk wat to do. it's so bad. theres so much more that I need to tell u guys. my secrets: 1. i have barely any friends. 2. i have a crush but idk if he likes me back. 3. idk if im loved. id feel like it. 4. im afraid to show my misery to other ppl. 5. only one friend knows about wat my dad did to me. 6. i want to be free. 7. my ex-best friend hates me now. 8. i dont know wat to do with myself. 9. ?????????? 10. ppl laugh at me bc i have trouble with math. when the teachers help me, they give me dirty looks like, "ha im smarter than u" 11. UGH!!!! :(.. to the ppl who think that they are the best, and they bully, think again. do u want an innocent human being to feel the pain i have? dont do it. its not funny. everyone has a secret. the person u bully could kill themselves. they might have no parents. so stop. :( please help me. i want to be like a normal person should be.
  • Great!

    By 6757573374858
  • :/

    By Haliyma
    Keeps freezing
  • F$cking great

    By ryan s.i.n.y
  • Love it

    By Francey147
    I loved the song but the video makes it 10 times better. Soo worth $2
  • her top hit song goes to a hit video

    By ecf83001
    this is the best of p!nks songs yet this is a nice song. im glad they came out with a clean verison keep up the good work P!nk!
  • Great

    By Lakers vigirl
    Great video, I think all women should listen to it