Blow Me (One Last Kiss)


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2012-07-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:47

Music Video


  • Blow Old P!nk One Last Kiss

    By Loki22Fitz22
    I love this song, & the video is pretty awesome too. This & "So What" are my two favorites from P!nk. I think that this song is a more 'mature' version of her song-not that she needs the maturity. I especially love the look on her last old suitor's face when he's drenched in that red stuff & even his bride has left him. He then realizes that he should've never defied P!nk. Also when P!nk gets on the flying-bike-thing with the man/boy, it's not because he was hot or anything like the other two(he wasn't the most attractive), it was because she could trust him to not dumped her/cheat on her(If he did, P!nk would probably dump some red stuff onHIM). It was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
  • Music video from 2 years ago

    By Sorceress Mickey
    This music video is OK, but it does have massive romantic points. PLEASE clean it up a little bit, because profanity isn't an appropriate thing to use and say out loud. Children shall NEVER EVER watch it.
  • again black and white

    By yelrafregnig
    she looks better in color then in 2 drabish colors
  • Pinktastrophy

    By TTYLXOX6094
    Pink is awesome when you just go deep and shallow.I love it when you poor wine in the first boys face!the second boy you ride on a motorcycle and go in his mansion and you dance with a young buetiful girl and he proposes to the young girl and you ruin the wedding.
  • Awesome...

    By Logan178
    Love Love Love Pink. Her music is deep on all levels. It reach the most inner parts of a person soul. True talent. A voice of an angel.
  • 1 of a kind

    By BayAreaAppleHead
    Pink is the bomb, i've been listening to her music from the beginning . she's been an inspiration with her music, and that hubby and adorable willow you deserve nothing but the best Pink. virgo power!!!!!! Keep up the excellent work ur 1 talented lady.
  • Love

    By ILoveCorey121
    Haha yup
  • Love her!

    By Cinsev56
    And they said she would never be able to stay! She is still here and sounding better than ever. Keep up with the great music, Pink, I love you!
  • Lagata

    By Erika Aguilar
    Love this song..she's just saying what us girl go threw with bad relation ships with our man....!
  • Buy it before Apple screws it up

    By Tiger_1050
    Maybe I shouldn't point out that, while iTunes edited Mumford and Sons 'Little Lion Man' to a pathetic version stripped it of its true impact, THIS song lets you know how the artist really thinks. If I had a daughter I'd point to Pink as a role model for people who think for themselves. Oh, yes, hellofa song too.