Bruno Mars

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2013-06-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:13

Music Video


  • Lol at some of these reviewers....

    By FlashMonkey929
    Bruno Mars did an awesome job with this song, very old school vibe with a twist! To those reviewers saying they'd give it a better rating if the video were clearer - you do realize the video was put out at a lower quality ON PURPOSE, right? The intention was to mimic an old music video, which is why it's also not in widescreen format and features cheesy lighting effects and camera work. I'm assuming you are all way too young to have seen older music videos, or you have never owned or watched TV until 1080 was the standard.
  • treasure

    By skydoseyou
  • I'm confused about this video

    By Raccoons are evil
    What's this video about? ROH WRESTLING IS FINALLY ON REGULAR TV! When is Bruno Mars coming out with a new album?
  • Bruno Is Great!

    By LiamPM13
    As always, Bruno did a great job on this song and video!
  • What Bruno's Singing Sounds Like

    By ArthurBookstein
    1. A trillion rainbows shooting across the sky 2. Clouds parting to reveal a scenic sunrise 3. The bubbling boil of a majestic volcano 4. Flower petals gently falling onto a mystical meadow
  • Treasure (Video Quality)

    By @Moreira
    One of my favorites, wish video quality was slightly better. ;) (I get it'll take the feel of the theme away from the video, slightly) Bruno Mars is unusually naturally talented. Bruno Mars is the face of charisma in every form of the definition, and did I mention Sexy, HOTT charismatic leader. He will be known at least (if not more) the same level (if y favoritesthere is one)) as Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince etc. His writing is incredible, takes on a another whole meaning of what an incredible true artist is, which in fact is... an amazing talented charismatic leader. He will be (at least) on the same level (if not more) as Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince etc. His writing is remarkable, takes on another whole meaning of what an incredible true artist is. The sun, moon & stars will continue to shine bright for Bruno and he'll lead the way for others to follow.
  • Treasure

    By palacecats
    What a great song. We listen to all the time and enjoy his singing and dancing. His performance in the Super Bowl was the highlight of the day, the game was horrible (unless you're a Seattle fan), thank goodness for Bruno!!!!!
  • *****

    By by IJC
    I can't wait to here more. I just love your song. You are one of the best groups in a long time!!!
  • Legendary

    By Logan B
    Seems like a modern day Marvin Gaye
  • Big fan!!!!

    By kateRafferty
    Love your song I would love to see you but your in La

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