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Music Video


  • Daft Punk

    By 3atm33
    The video IS quirky, but I can remember when this album was starting to drop (90's) and the second it dropped clubs exploded with smiles and happiness. The basslines and da hook is simply delicious. The video is meant to be what it is, but to me it's great! The song as all house traxs builds, and this one is so simple but so timeless. Simplicity and minimalism, if done right can be stand the test of time. Luv & respect to Daft Punk!
  • This was able to go around the world

    By 16 HORSES
    This was a car accident music video, it was unclear what was going on but I was mesmerized and can't help but watch!
  • Daft Punk Gondry

    By EdRadd
    What a great music video. Choreography is special!!!
  • Daft Punk

    By jjrwm
    I absolutely love Daft Punk
  • whaaaaaa?????

    By DJ Tune
    I have no idea what im looking at?????